Saturday, November 21

Seeing Family

I really wish families gathered and flew in to see each other more at birthday's, anniversaries, or 'Aunt's day' at the local elementary school. I would love to fly home (from Indiana to Maryland) just to see a play that my nieces and nephews are performing in at their school or church. Instead I seem to fly home a lot for those horrible family events like funerals and other tragedies . I am glad that my husband and I have been able to work out a way for me to join my family during these hard times so we can all bring comfort to each other. I do hope, in the somewhat near future, I can fly home with my husband and kids just to spend time with my dad and sisters and brothers and all their kids. Take those fun pictures of everyone happy and playing with not so much weighing on their minds.

Maybe one day soon...

Sunday, November 8


Roses are Red
Violets are blue
But this is a statement proven untrue

Roses are Red
but also yellow orange, and pink
So there are some things that we must rethink

The world is not concrete
As we would like it to be
Some things come easy but nothing is free

Things we have learned
are proven untrue
so we must relearn them and learn them anew.