Tuesday, April 19

Statement of Faith

As an assignment for a theology class at school I was asked to write a personal statement of faith on some assigned key theological topics. Below is what I came up with up... this is not fully conclusive as I am still in process and developing in my understanding of the things of God.


Humanity was created in the image of God and declared good. At the fall, in mans act of disobedience and lack of trust in God, sin entered humanity and man immediately knew that something changed. Everyone now born, is born into sin. Although we are not culpable for the sin of the primeval couple, our nature is corrupted and we become culpable on our own account.

Soteriology- Atonement

At the fall of mankind, sin entered, and death through sin. This death was more than a physical event, it was a spiritual one. Humanity was separated from their creator and had their perspective of God marred. God is his great foreknowledge, before the world was even created had a plan to restore humanity back with their creator. Jesus Christ was this plan, he is the author and finisher of our faith. It was the whole process of the incarnation that made a way for mans atonement. Christ’s coming, sent by God, his life, death, resurrection and ascension made a way for us to be restored back to the Father. Christ did not merely appease an angry God or play a trick on Satan, and it was not just the death of Christ that made a way for our atonement but every aspect of the incarnation.


The process of salvation, though not specifically listed in scripture, is that God is at work by his Spirit drawing the individual; the individual has an opportunity (or opportunities) to respond to God. In this way, salvation is both a gift and a task. It is primarily a gift from God but each individual must respond by accepting Gods gift through faith.


I believe sanctification is an ongoing process of the believer, moving toward maturity and holiness to the full stature of Christ. This process begins at salvation with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit continues this work as the believer continually submits to God. Sanctification is not the means of salvation but the fruit of salvation.


There is one true spiritual church, represented on earth through local bodies. The local church consists of those members who join together confessing faith in Jesus Christ and commit to the process of growing in maturity to the full stature of Christ.

The assembling of the believers is a necessary function of the church , encouraging, teaching and building up the body so that each member can fulfill their call and minister to the world.

Church and State

The primary role of the Church is not political but spiritual. The focus of the church at all times should be in glorifying God and building the body of believers to fulfill the great commission in spreading the gospel and disciplining believers. In matters of the state the church can and should influence wherever possible, but always as secondary to their primary goal. Every interaction or influence between church and state must be Spirit led and not personally motivated.

Individual Eschatology

I believe that since the resurrection of Christ, upon death, the individual enters either heaven or hell, depending upon the choices made during their life. If they choose to put their faith in Christ and believed in him they will be with the father, if not they will be in hell. There was an intermediate state before the resurrection of Christ, now there is no more intermediate state. During this time, the believer is also awaiting their resurrected body, which they will receive at the second coming of Christ. Upon the second coming of Christ and his victory over darkness, those who believe will spend eternity with the father in the new earth. Those who did not believe will spend eternity separated from God.

Corporate Eschatology

The universe will be restored (either through recreation or restoration) when Christ comes again in triumph. The church will be gathered with him, then he will come in judgment against Satan and his followers. Christ will realize the victory accomplished on the cross as all things are visibly under his feet. Eternity is sealed, those who were in unbelief are cast with satan and those who believed spend eternity with the father and experience the new heaven and the new earth.

These are my current views based on my current understanding of scripture. There are some gaps due to the fact that I am in process and would rather leave gaps that declare something I am unsure of. Portions of this statement may change over time but not in key biblical principals.