Tuesday, March 1

It could happen to us...

I was sitting at my kitchen table today with a fresh cup of coffee, studying for some classes while my boy played outside. This is the first somewhat warm day (and by warm I mean 42 degrees), and he has been going crazy cooped up inside all winter. As I watched him play, pretending, seeing how far he could get his bike to go on one push...I was struck with his innocence. His smile so sincere and playful. At the same time I was hit with the reality that hundreds of thousands of little children his age are taken from their family, have their innocence stripped, and are forced into the sex-trade or slave labor all over the world; including America.
In that moment I felt that horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach as I thought of the reality of my boy forced to do things he did not want to, surrounded by people whose sole purpose was to exploit him. I could not take my eye's off of him... As tears began to flow I was also hit with the reality that it probably will not happen to our family, but it will happen so many others. So many children, especially in Asia, are taken from their families or are willingly given up by their families who think they are giving their children a better life and do not know the real intentions behind the scenes.
Everything with in me wanted to change the subject mentally but I could not. I wanted to forget what I knew and pretend for another day that it did not exist. But I could not. God was putting His finger on something. I do not know what to do with it... I do not know what He wants me to do with it... but I know that He does not want me to forget! He wants me to remember those children and those children who are now grown up who have been so wounded by people who are themselves broken.
I realize it may never happen to my children but it is happening to Children all over the world and they are God's children. If He calls me to rescue them, I will! If He calls me to spread the word, I will! If He asks me to give all my money to the cause, I will! And if He asks me to simply remember them and pray for them, I will and I pray that He will help me remember!