Wednesday, May 27

The Process

I have heard it said that God is a "one size fits all" kind of deal. I am not sure this statement is true. As I look at the people around me, hear them describe their life experiences, their troubles etc. I wonder why some people come to God and start 'hearing' Him speak to them right away, they have a deep sense of being with God, they are easily able to believe the Bible and see it working in their lives. They experience 'New-Testament' Christianity (not my term but I am at a loss for a better non-cheesy descriptive), they pray and people are healed on the spot, they speak words of truth and see lives change. Then there are the others. Those who truly believe in God and submit their lives to Him and yet they still always struggle, can't give up smoking right away, or their spouse still hates them. They pray and feel like they always hit a brick wall. Why do the majority of Christians I see and talk to you believe but lack experience of what God says that we can experience. I have heard many different answers to this question. Some have said that people, like the one's I am describing, must not actually have believed. If they really did believe they would experience. Isn't that the message we get in scripture? Others say that God deals with everyone differently and we can't all expect things to look the same or always work out. Then there is the Spiritual side, there could be soul ties or generational issues that are inhibiting the full-life. In reality it could be any number or all of the above then some. Still I wonder, why does it happen for some right away and others have to struggle. Part of it is our western culture I am sure, but I am at a loss for how things can be different. For how people can experience life in Christ with joy. I am not discounting the process! I realize that christianity is a relationship and all relationships are progressive. I just wonder why we all have such drastically different experiences when we come to Christ and I trust that God is big enough to know what each of us needs and align things so that it is possible while not forcing us to do anything. That is the blessing and the seemingly curse all at the same time.

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