Friday, November 28

My Husbands Success

I have realized that I am over-joyed when others I love succeed! Recently my husband, Matthew had another Article published. I married a writer, a very good writer. The difference between this article and other works he has had published is that this one comes with a CHECK!!! This is his first payed publishing. When he received the e-mail requesting to publish his article in their magazine I about jumped out of my seat and let out a yip-eee!!! He has worked so hard and come so far and to see his success first hand brought so much joy to my heart. It was encouraging to both of us, more so for him I am sure considering he has been writing since he was a teen-ager sitting in coffee shops in upstate New York. All in all it served as another reminder that we are going in the right direction. 

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Jerrell Jobe said...

So where can we read this upcoming masterpiece...?

This is exciting... I'm very proud of Matthew!