Tuesday, November 4

I was thinking about the 'division' factor the other day as I was driving thru a 'Middle-class America' neighborhood. As I looked at the various houses I was amazed at how many people had 'staked' their claim in their front yards. Their was a sign for "McCain" and then next door one for "Obama", one for "Mitch" and across the street "Ditch Mitch". I wondered as I drove how much division this caused between the neighbors. Were they less likely to smile and wave, talk about the Notre Dame game or shoot the breeze while they took out the trash? Were they less likely to help out in simple situations? Maybe not, maybe it became a spring board for conversation about how they really felt and where they stood on things. 

I guess I am left to wonder. But what I wonder even more than that is will I ever be so passionate about a 'man' that I would stake his name in my front yard for everyone to see where I stand? 

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